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Sharing The 7 Powers of the Magdalene

It's been so many years since I started painting Mary Magdalene. Today, I had the opportunity to share some of those first paintings, and some later ones, with a wonderful group of spiritually creative people.

It was an honor and a great joy to share my presentation The 7 Powers of the Magdalene, in which we look at the paintings and the ideas that inspired the artwork, as part of of the Mary Magdalena - The Way of the Sacred Mentorship series, led by Kristian Strang.

Kristian invited me to share my paintings of Mary Magdalene with the members of the membership program. She recorded the event and sent it to share with you! I hope you like it!

If you would like to learn more about Kristian, and receive a free transmission from Mary through her, you can use the following link:

About me, after this energizing gathering of thoughts, feelings and connections, I'm getting ready to spend the next few weeks painting Mary Magdalene and just enjoying being in the studio, creating and feeling connected.

I look forward to sharing what emerges.

Thanks Kristian for sharing your being with the world and for inviting me into your loving circle!


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