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From Painting Mary Magdalene

(Excerpt) The Artist and the Prostitute: The Difficulties of Freedom (Expected publishing date for Painting Mary Magdalene, Little Miracles Along the Creative Path: July 22, 2016) Whether or not she was a prostitute, the Magdalene was transformed. The Bible says Jesus removed 7 demons from her. These demons, in our days, stand for those weaknesses that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. These are the demons that keep our true beings caged, half dead, in fear. We get so attached to them it takes a god to release us. My experience with cancer reminds me of the capricious gods of Greek mythology. You can get a gift from one of them, but usually you will be required to give up so


May 2016 N.Y.C. Dear friend, The Mary Magdalene Celebration is an event that Raquel Z. Rivera and I, Tanya Torres, have celebrated in different forms since around 2006. This year I will exhibit my Mary Magdalene paintings and other new work. Raquel will sing her songs dedicated to Mary Magdalene. And more creative people to join us! Yarisa Colón, poet and bookmaker; Corazón Tierra, dancer; Olga Huraira Ayala, artisan; Migdalia Santiago, writer, healer and reiki master; Mercedes Molina, doll maker; Lulu García, botanical products and reiki master; Xiomara Evans and Marni Rice, Dance Theater Company; María Mar, writer, artist and mystic; Myrna Nieves, writer and poet; Elsie Deliz Fonseca, jewe

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