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Mary Magdalene: Sacred Woman

(From Painting Mary Magdalene: Little Miracles and Transformations Along the Creative Path, to be published on July 22, 2016) Art: Sacred Woman, Oil on Canvas, 10” x 8”, 2016. Tanya Torres The Seven Powers of the Magdalene: The Power of Sex Most of the visual stories about Mary Magdalene portray her as a prostitute. She wears red and her hair is loose or a lock escapes her veil. Sometimes she is depicted nude and voluptuous, her transparent veil barely covering her body. For many centuries Mary Magdalene was confused with the biblical prostitute who washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and dries them with her hair. In other alternative stories she is a priestess of Isis, the wife of Jesus, the

Magdala, with Xiomara Evans and Marni Rice

I met Xiomara and Marni, the creators of Magdala: Stories from the Net and the Sea, through Reverend Arelis Figueroa, one of the first people who supported my work with Mary Magdalene. Then a few months ago, they invited me to join them at La Maison d'Art in Harlem, where they presented Magdala: Stories from the Net and the Sea. It was amazing! These two ladies have constructed their own story about the Magdalene, using Bible references, text from the Gospel of Mary and their own interpretations of the life of Mary Magdalene to create a moving and colorful play, all to the sounds of Marni's accordion music compositions! Nothing beats a woman with an accordion! Xiomara's dance and powerful pr

Magdalene Carvings by Marta and Bárbara

I have been working consistently —a little at a time— to make the Mary Magdalene Celebration 2016 great. It has been a work in progress, growing and expanding every day. When the news was published this month that the Pope declared Mary Magdalene's Day a Feast Day, it was even more confirmation that the love for the Magdalene is growing more and more, and that her presence is transforming people's hearts and minds every day! Here are the official announcements: And here are some pieces you might enjoy, even if you

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