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Painting The Dark Magdalene with Tanya Torres

Join Painting the Dark Magdalene, a workshop in which you will learn my technique of prayerful painting as well as how to create your own Dark Magdalene. On July 7, at 3 pm, we will use lots of wonderful and exciting materials and you will create with a beautiful and unique piece based on the paintings in the exhibition The Dark Magdalene at the Bronx Music Heritage Center. This workshop is for all levels of skill. I will guide you step by step and help you create your unique piece. To register, please use PayPal below or call me at 646-267-9681. I look forward to spending the afternoon painting with you at The Dark Magdalene Exhibition in the Bronx Music Heritage Center. $25. Register here

The Dark Magdalene Dance Meditation With Corazon Tierra

Dancing the Dark Magdalene: A Meditative Performance Experience Sunday, July 1, 2:00 PM Enjoy and participate in a meditative dance inspired in The Dark Magdalene, a solo exhibition by artist Tanya Torres at the Bronx Music Heritage Center. In this piece interdisciplinary dance artist Corazon Tierra weaves a dance and a community meditative experience based on her responses to the paintings in the gallery. She will be accompanied by Artist-Shaman, Maria Mar, who will create meditative sounds for the dance. The dance culminates with a community experience, where everyone will be invited to sense and feel the paintings through movement and embodiment. This new collection of paintings by Tanya

Painting the Dark Magdalene

Experience the benefits of hands-on creativity and Painting as Prayer. Paint your own Dark Magdalene, using the same materials the artist used in The Dark Magdalene exhibition at the Bronx Music Heritage Center. Learn about the artist's journey and discover the different aspects of this unique character of Christian myth. All materials provided. July 7, 2018 , 3:00 p.m. at the Bronx Music Heritage Center, $25 Registration previous to the day of the workshop is required. To Register:

What Does the Dark Magdalene Mean for Me?

"Sending light, lots of love, and a warm hug. The Dark Magdalene blesses you from the depths of her warmest darkness." The words of my friend Jerry Kolljeski touched me deeply. He sent them to me on the day of the opening of The Dark Magdalene part of The Routes of the Black Madonna at The Bronx Music Heritage Center. I had expressed to Jerry that I was a little nervous, and his words soothed my soul and my mind. They expressed what I had not yet been able to put into words. This is new work, a step into something unknown. It may not be apparent in the images, after all, I have a style and it always shapes my work. But at the same time, these paintings integrate the experiments and technique

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