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A Preview of the Mary Magdalene Celebration Tomorrow

After so much planning and work, the day is almost here! Here is a preview: We will be broadcasting the Mary Magdalene Celebration through Find us as @magdalene_org The Program The Mary Magdalene Celebration July 22, 2016 Welcome to the Mary Magdalene Celebration, a creative promesa offered to Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Lexington Avenue, Patron Saint of Creativity by Tanya Torres, with an offering of Art Raquel Z. Rivera, with an offering of Songs Magdalene Madrinas Minerva González and Yarisa Colón, who helped create this Celebration with love and dedication. Performance Offerings First Offering: Sacred Heart, a dance meditation inspired by Tanya Torres's paintings by Corazó

Songs for the Magdalene on July 22

A Creative Feast in Honor of Mary Magdalene A Saint for Those Who Believe in the Redeeming Quality of the Creative Act This July 22, 6:00-9:00 p.m., at the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center in East Harlem, NYC, there will be a peculiar gathering. Artist Tanya Torres and musician Raquel Z. Rivera, together with artists from many other disciplines, will come together to celebrate in honor of Mary Magdalene, "Our Lady of Lexington, Patroness of all faithful creative ones who don't believe in anything, but believe in the redeeming quality of the creative act." The Mary Magdalene Celebration is a free event and open to all who love Mary Magdalene or would like to know her. Mary Magdalene has been a

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