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What Is The Mary Magdalene Celebration and Who Celebrates With Us?

The Mary Magdalene Celebration is an event that Raquel Z. Rivera and I, Tanya Torres, have celebrated in different forms since around 2006. I exhibit my Mary Magdalene paintings, Raquel sings her songs, we light 7 candles, everybody sings, and everybody dances! This year we have invited more creative people to join us and make the event grow in joy and expressions of creativity: Yarisa Colón, poet and bookmaker; Corazon Tierra, dancer; Olga Huraira Ayala, artisan; Migdalia Santiago, writer, healer and reiki master; Mercedes Molina, doll maker; Lulu Garcia, botanical products and reiki master; Xiomara Evans and Marni Rice, Dance Theater Company; Maria Mar, writer, artist and mystic; Myrna Nie

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