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The Mary Magdalene Celebration

I received great news today from a friend, Minerva González, who is helping me get the space for this year's Mary Magdalene Celebration. She has secured the room where it will take place! It has taken about six months to obtain it, but it seems as if it is finally a reality. Here is the proposal for the event, which could change a little as the event takes shape. Raquel might not be able to make it, but I am already working on "plan b" for this part of the evening. If Raquel cannot be here, I will find 7 voices to sing her songs. Please save the date if you can be in NYC on July 22! I really hope to be able to share with you this celebration! Mary Magdalene Celebration July 22, 2016 6-10 p.m

What is a "promesa"?

Since 2006, my friend and artistic partner Raquel Z. Rivera have been celebrating what we call a "promesa" to Mary Magdalene. We say the word in Spanish because it is difficult to translate a concept that contains specific cultural and religious meanings within our own culture, and that we have expanded while at the same time keeping the basic premise of such an act. "Promesa" means "promise" and it refers to an offering to a saint in order to obtain a petition. When we began this promesa, we did not do it for religious reasons. We just felt like it was an offering to the saint that inspired us, a saint that belongs to everyone, even to those who do not believe in anything. We also haven't r

Magdalene in Progress

Happy New Year! Magdalene Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy in 2016! This year I want to dedicate a large portion of my time to my Magdalene painting practice and growing Some plans for the year are to paint numerous small Magdalenes on canvas and to host the Mary Magdalene Celebration here in NYC on July 22, 2016. (Save the date!) I wish that my Magdalene partner and muse, Raquel Z. Rivera, could be here to sing her Magdalene songs, but even if she is not, we will have our Mary Magdalene Celebration and play her songs. Some friends have already agreed to join me and bring their own creations to make the celebration even more special. I will share more about this once I have a

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