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49 digital images, printed 4” x 6”, 2014.


Oracles have been a means to foretell the future throughout human history. By creating her own oracle, the artist becomes the oracle and art becomes the voice of the Divine.


Oracle is a series of 49 cards inspired on words collected by the artist to construct the image/identity she chooses to reflect to the world. Going beyond identity as national identification, gender, class or other means of labeling humans, she seeks to create identity through a direct connection to the human soul. Each word-image was constructed with ideas that the artist relates to the specific word for the card, using Google as her own oracle, and transforming the images to create a visual composition in an automatic, sub-conscious process. 


A Review from Yolanda Luz: "I love the oracle! I pick a new word almost every day! It helps me meditate!"


Order an Oracle Deck of Cards: $50

And just for fun: Your Oracle Card of the Day


Tanya Torres  
Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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