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On Mary Magdalene's Feast Day

Mary Magdalene's Garden by Tanya Torres

Mary Magdalene's Garden, 16" x 20", Acrylic on Canvas, by Tanya Torres, 2020.

Life has been challenging in the last couple of years. And in the last few months, we all have lost so much: our freedom, our normal, our trust. But hope remains. We must look forward.

I write late, after a long day of work, tired and feeling a subtle pain, a state that seems to be acquiring permanence in my daily life. But I can't and won't let go of the vision I have for my own life, the life I want to live beyond the present. And in the act of sharing, I am wishing for your to live your own vision and your own desired life as you imagine it.

I am allowing myself to write this post, even if it's late, even if it's too late for you to receive the message and the blessings I want to send you with this image and with this text on July 22, 2020, Mary Magdalene's Day.

Today I have been wanting, all day, to write and share. I want to send you my love and I want to tell you that I am slowly finding my way back to my painting and to the life I love, painting Mary Magdalene, writing and sharing what I experience along this path. And I see the end of this phase and the beginning of a new one already in the horizon. But for today, I was still committed to a day job and the children we serve.

Still, friends throughout the world sent their beautiful messages and memories, and reminded me of where I need to be.

Tonight, I'll be in Mexico through Facebook Live (This is in Spanish)

This Thursday, The New York Public Library and the Bronx Music Heritage Center will be hosting a wonderful online event where I will be talking about the connection between Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna and how my Mary Magdalene paintings have been inspired by the Black Virgin. Here is the link:

Healing and Resistance Through the Female Voice: Facets of the Dark Madonna with Bronx Music Heritage Center" which will begin in 1 Day on:Thu, Jul 23, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

And on Sunday, I am invited to participate in an interactive event exploring the ideas in the text from my book Painting Mary Magdalene: "The Seven Powers of the Magdalene":

"Fans of Mary Magdalene! Don’t miss this mystical journey where artist and Magdalene Ambassador Tanya Torres shares on the Seven Powers of Mary Magdalene. Discover the power of your heart and the wisdom of love to nourish body, soul and mind in difficult moments. Sunday July 26 at 2PM EST in the Inlakesh Ceremonial Circle. Join here:"

And soon, I will be back, writing and painting, and sharing. I am looking forward and moving toward all that I love.

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Tanya Torres  
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