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The Mary Magdalene Celebration: Dancing With the Magdalene

From (Click here if you can't see the videos below.)



Raquel and Tanya

Tanya and Juan (Husband)

The Magdalene Altar

Detail of The Great History's Goddess by Tanya Torres. These paintings were inspired by Mary Magdalene as a guide of creative endeavors.

Sunflower Spirit by Tanya Torres

Tanya and Raquel

Lily as the Magdalene

Detail of the altar with Mary Magdalene of the Bees.

Sunflower Spirit is 72" x 36", oil on canvas, 2016.

Raquel Z. Rivera and Ojos de Sofía singing the Seven Songs of Praise to Mary Magdalene. The Great History's Goddess is 40" x 72", oil on canvas, 2016.

Detail of the altar (by Clarisel)

Clarisel and Tanya

Corazón Tierra dances a meditational dance to open the space.

During the last song, the three dancers come back to begin the communal dance.

Tanya and Jaime Mori

Taina del Mar and Tanya. Taina was in charge of broadcasting through Periscope: watch the videos @magdalene_org

Iona Muniz came from Puerto Rico to participate in the Magdalene Fair.

The food was donated by several people, starting with Judy Delerme, who inspired us to have a meal for all our guests!

Jorge LaTorre helped hang the show. I'm so grateful to him, Wanda Rosario, Elisa Evora and her friend Elia who made this exhibition the least stressful ever!

Anthony and Lily at the Magdalene Cigars table and Marni the accordion player, co-creator of Magdala, Stories of the Net and the Sea.

Jean and Ashley at Tanya's table.

Juan and his niece, Ivonne.

Yasser, Raquel and Kaila,

Julio Valdez with Ramona and Juan. No, they are not related!

Corazón at the Magdalene Altar.

Norka, Luka and Tanya

Juan, Marie, Tanya, Domingo, Rosita and Audrey. Domingo, Rosita and Audrey are friends from Tanya's hometown, San Germán, P.R. and went to school together.

Adriano was our interfaith priest for Tanya and Juan's wedding in 1997.

Minerva and family.

Monserrate Zavala

Mom and Baby!

Tanya and Ana, wearing Tanya's Jewelry

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Tanya Torres  
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