The Mary Magdalene Celebration: Dancing With the Magdalene

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Raquel and Tanya

Tanya and Juan (Husband)

The Magdalene Altar

Detail of The Great History's Goddess by Tanya Torres. These paintings were inspired by Mary Magdalene as a guide of creative endeavors.

Sunflower Spirit by Tanya Torres

Tanya and Raquel

Lily as the Magdalene

Detail of the altar with Mary Magdalene of the Bees.

Sunflower Spirit is 72" x 36", oil on canvas, 2016.

Raquel Z. Rivera and Ojos de Sofía singing the Seven Songs of Praise to Mary Magdalene. The Great History's Goddess is 40" x 72", oil on canvas, 2016.

Detail of the altar (by Clarisel)

Clarisel and Tanya

Corazón Tierra dances a meditational dance to open the space.