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A Preview of the Mary Magdalene Celebration Tomorrow

After so much planning and work, the day is almost here! Here is a preview:


We will be broadcasting the Mary Magdalene Celebration through Find us as @magdalene_org


The Program

The Mary Magdalene Celebration

July 22, 2016

Welcome to the Mary Magdalene Celebration, a creative promesa offered to

Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Lexington Avenue, Patron Saint of Creativity


Tanya Torres, with an offering of Art

Raquel Z. Rivera, with an offering of Songs

Magdalene Madrinas

Minerva González and Yarisa Colón, who helped create this Celebration with love and dedication.

Performance Offerings

First Offering: Sacred Heart, a dance meditation inspired by Tanya Torres's paintings

by Corazón Tierra

Second Offering: A scene from Magdala: Stories of the Net and the Sea

by Xiomara Evans and Marni Rice

Culminating Offering: 7 Songs of Praise for the Magdalene by Raquel Z. Rivera & Ojo de Sofía Bryan Vargas (Guitar), Yasser Tejeda (Guitar), and Jonathan Troncoso (Percussion)

Joining Offering: Bomba Dance by Alexandra Vasallo

Your Offering: Join the Dance!

The Magdalene Fair

Yarisa Colón, Collage and Book Artist

Lourdes García, Natural, Artisanal Body Products and Reiki Healer

Migdalia Santiago, Reiki Healer

Olga Ayala, Polymer Clay Artist

Mercedes Molina, Traditional Spiritual Doll Artist

Myrna Nieves, Author

Zaadia Colón, Artist

Yolanda Velázquez, Artist

Iona Muñiz, Artist

María Mar, Author-Artist-Shaman

Elsie Deliz-Fonseca, Eliz-Eliz Jewelry Designs, Mixed Media Artist

Marta I. Rodríguez Olmeda and Bárbara M. Díaz López, Traditional Wooden Saint Carvings

Nita Renfrew, Icons

Anthony Carrion-Alomar, Cigars

Carmen J. Espinal Reyes, Earth Crowns Head Wraps

Johanna Cabrera, ilove YOJITA Leather Bags and Accessories

Jean Carlos Torres, Art by Tanya Torres

Magdalene Food and Drink

Generously Donated by Judy Delerme, Ramona Almonte, Juan V. Nunez, Luis Rodríguez, Alexandra Vasallo and friends.

Video and Event Broadcasting

Taina Carrion-Perez

Flower Arrangements by Minerva González

Magdalene Music Playlist Curated by Raquel Z. Rivera

***And here some of our Facebook posts, meet the creatives!***

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Tanya Torres  
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