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The Lady of the Lake by Laura Alvarez

La dama del lago by Laura Alvarez
La dama del lago by Laura Alvarez. Acrylic on recycled board and frame, 16.5x20.5", 2023.

Laura Alvarez begins the story of the Magdalene as someone would tell a fairytale:

"Maria Magdalena has cried through centuries. Through time, she spilled many tears, and they became a lake where flowers blossom reaching the sky..."

Laura Alvarez's mythological creature takes inspiration from the Biblical and popular stories that portray the tears of the Magdalene, and builds meaning beyond the "crying Magdalene", imagining what might happen after centuries of tears.

The Magdalene has transformed into a mermaid, or a water goddess, or a children's story, or a creature that, while part of the Earth, is not limited by it's original element.

A transformation is to take place, sooner or later, in her and in us.

About the artist Laura Alvarez received her Fine Arts MA between Spain and England. She arrived in The Bronx in 2009 where she juggles between her daughter, her artist career, and her commitment to her Bronx community. She has been a teaching artist with almost every organization and city agency in New York, touching many lives through the years thanks to the arts.

Laura is interested in how art interacts with people. She has taken her artwork out of the studio working on walls and step-streets in different countries and NYC neighborhoods, to bring her colorful designs and joy to the community. She strives to create a participatory process in every mural, so each community feels empowered and heard about the art they see daily.

She has received several awards and grants that she has used to continue promoting the arts among the Bronx youth and to create work that starts a conversation, touching issues like ecology, womanhood, racism, tradition, inequality and immigration.

Laura is the Co-Founder and Vice-President of the non-profit BxArts Factory, organization committed to unlocking the inner artist in the Bronx community. She is also a board member for Artbridge, a non-profit that empowers emerging artists to transform urban spaces.


This artwork is part of the collective art exhibition dedicated to Mary Magdalene titled Blossoming, July 18-22 in El Barrio Art Space Art Gallery, with a reception on July 22, 2023, during The Mary Magdalene Celebration. This exhibition is possible thanks to La Casa de La Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña, Inc.


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