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Mary Magdalene: Our Lady of Delight

Mary Magdalene by Tanya Torres
Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Delight (The Dark Magdalene Series)

It's been a long and difficult journey. I have started many paintings, without being able to finish most of them. I have tried to get to my center time and again, with limited success. I have tried to quit and start over, without any success. For a long time now, I have been unable to fulfill my art mission.

But I keep going. And to gather some impulse, I decided it was time for another Mary Magdalene Celebration. And while the process has been slow and not as graceful as other times, I know that it also hasn't been graceless. And I know it will be beautiful, no matter what shape it takes.

It will be full of delights. And because this is the painting I was able to complete with the specific intent of using it for the invitation, this image of Mary Magdalene is titled: Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Delight.

In the past, I used to live surrounded by delights. I had delightful friends with whom to share delightful long talks, art, poetry, thoughts, books, inspiration. I had a delightful studio and delightful materials and lived in a delightful neighborhood where dreams were possible. I used to write, and paint, and create so many things. I used to leisurely plan the Mary Magdalene Celebration a year in advance!

And now I live such a different life, a different existence, surrounded by other wonders that claim me but don't quite fill me. I help people, I build futures, I plan delights that most often don't include me. I am surrounded by amazing people, devoted beings, that care beyond themselves about the children they serve. And I find myself riding the wave they take me in and feeling loved and needed, while at the same time ever-planning my escape. I am thoroughly dual.

And so I planned The Mary Magdalene Celebration to nourish me and to surround myself with the creative, unique, imaginative beings who built me up when I still didn't know fully who I was.

But now I know. I know who I am and I know what I want. It's taking a long time and a lot of agony to return to myself, but I renew my vows each morning and each evening when I leave what is understood to be real life.

Mary Magdalene has not abandoned me. I sit down, sometimes, and paint her, and even when I do not finish, I get her messages, though friends, through ideas, through any available medium that my very dense current mind allows to penetrate. And she reminds me that there are other ways, other options, other delights.

Mary Magdalene of Delight is a celebration of the harmony I search for in the face of the Magdalene as I paint her. Within the dark layer of paint, behind that veil that seems so dark and opaque, are the words I wrote there over and over: love, peace, joy. A reminder of the delights that are not lost to me, or to anyone, the delights that need to be reclaimed and earned through decisions.

The Mary Magdalene Celebration 2022 will be a feast of delights, as inspired by the poem that will be performed by María Mar, shaman and artist, who will join us once again in this celebration. Corazón Tierra will open the space of the ceremony, as it is now a tradition, with a dance inspired in delight; Raquel Z. Rivera will join us from New Mexico, and will open for the first time the way to share the delights beyond the physical space and connect beyond what used to be possible. The ceremony will culminate with Special Guests Legacy Women, who will bring their ancestral music to share, to sing, to dance, to leave on the floor of the celebration the restraints that these pandemic years have tied us with.

Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Delight will be part of the art-altar, with other small pieces that continue the Dark Magdalene series started before this time of change.

Whether 10 or 100 join, it will be delightful. Please come and celebrate, let's change the atmosphere of our hearts together through art making, dancing, singing, experiencing creativity and creating delight through the senses and the presence of other human beings.

If you can make it in person, dress in RED and please RSVP below. Free admission.

If you can make it virtually, dress in RED and follow this link since 3pm on Saturday, July 16.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 698 851 2163

Passcode: classes


3-4 Art and Dance workshops

4-5 Art, crafts, books, some music, some food, getting ready for the ceremony, ongoing creative performance by Maria Mar, any surprises that fit here...

5-6 Ceremony: Singing by Raquel Z. Rivera from New Mexico through Zoom culminating in drumming, singing and dancing by Legacy Women.

Magdalene Blessings! Tanya

P.S. If you are interested in bringing your book, craft, art to show on a table (free, bring your own table), please contact me.


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Tanya Torres  
Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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