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I am the utterance of my name: Divining Mary Magdalene-A Play by Sylvia Millo and Nathan Davis

(Photo by Oihana Marco)

Who was Mary Magdalene and what was her message?

I am the utterance of my name: Divining Mary Magdalene is a new music-theater piece searching through the web of clashing myths, beliefs, symbols, and decrees surrounding Mary Magdalene to find her and the meaning of her radical Gospel.

Silenced as an apostle and framed as a prostitute, the manipulation of Mary Magdalene’s story was meant to undermine women's leadership centuries ago, and its effects still shape our reality today.

The play illuminates the powerful, revolutionary message from her banned and buried 2nd Century text, “Gospel of Mary (Magdalene)”, lost for centuries.

A faithful witness, disciple, prostitute, apostle, a beloved, a hermit, tantric priestess, Goddess - for the past 2000 years, people have viewed, projected upon and defined Mary Magdalene in conflicting ways.

Equal parts theater, ritual and experimental music performance, the play draws from primary sources – Biblical, Gnostic, heretical, Medieval, and modern – creating a prismatic image of Mary Magdalene in seven apparitions. Her message as relevant now as it was 2000 years ago.

Created and performed by playwright/actress Sylvia Milo and composer/percussionist Nathan Davis, I am the utterance of my name: Divining Mary Magdalene, is their second collaboration after the critically acclaimed play, The Other Mozart, about the forgotten genius sister of Amadeus.

Directed by Sylvia Milo, with the expansive/immersive video projections designed by Monica Duncan, movement choreographed by Natalie Lomonte, with additional movement by Joanna Kotze, movement directed by Janice Orlandi, dramaturgy by Jess Applebaum, costumes by Magdalena Dąbrowska (leaf dress and hood by Carlotta Frascara), lighting design by Nick Houfek, hair and makeup by Kodi Lynn Milburn.


November 4th and 5th at 8pm, November 6th at 2pm

Morris Museum’s Bickford Theatre

Morristown, NJ

(1 hour by car or train from NYC)

More about the play:


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