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The Mary Magdalene Celebration in Images

It's been a few weeks since the Mary Magdalene Celebration! Time and life go by fast, but it is never too late to share the images of a glorious day. These photos were captured by photographer Nívea Castro, who spent the day with us documenting the celebration.

It was a long day, full of beauty and creativity in which the Magdalene was honored through offerings of art, dance, music, song and companionship.

It all began with a Red Tent Ceremony, where women came together to mention their mother's names and welcome girls to the circle.

The artisans and artists of The Magdalene Fair were present throughout the day with their creations and the art exhibition Magdalene Underground was on the wall. These images will be in a different post.

Corazón Tierra taught a beautiful workshop in which the community present were invited to create a choreography together. The images for this workshop will appear soon in a separate post as our photographer was unable to be present at that time.

But she came back for Xiomara Evans's Mary the Magdalene and the images are powerful!

Finally, we all came together to sing along with Raquel Z. Rivera the songs she wrote for Mary Magdalene.

On the altar, the work of traditional artisans Marta Iris Rodríguez Olmeda and Bárbara M. Díaz López, who made the 2 sculptures of Mary Magdalene and the small piece on front of the painting. The painting is by Tanya Torres, Mary Magdalene's Heart, an oil on canvas measuring 10" x 8".

We had a magical and fruitful day! We are grateful to all who attended and look forward to always celebrating Mary Magdalene through art, dance, creativity and other alternative forms of devotion!

Johanna Cabrera prepares for The Red Tent, of The Red Tent Traveling Sisterhood.

Shaman and performer María Mar brought Magdalene messages from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.

Our girls were welcomed into the Women's Circle with crowns and gifts. Minerva González acted as the grandmother who blessed the girls.

Xiomara Evans as Mary Magdalene in her dance-theater creation, Mary the Magdalene.

Xiomara Evans, Tanya Torres and Minerva González

We had a full house!

Dancer, educator and somatic movement instructor Corazón Tierra opened the final ceremony with Devotion, A Mary Magdalene Dance Meditation.

María Mar supported Corazón throughout the dance meditation.

Robert Roth

Minerva and Yarisa Sing

The audience sang the songs created by Raquel Z. Rivera for Mary Magdalene.

Raquel, Arelis, Marta and Bárbara sing to the Magdalene.

The Final Dance by Alexandra Vasallo.

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