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My journey with Mary Magdalene did not begin as a spiritual quest or interest. I did not read the Bible or go to church. I was not in search of salvation. But like many other women who embrace the values of education, freedom and the right to equality, I found myself in constant conflict. 

As much as I tried to assert myself, own my rights and employ my brain, inside me there was a traitor, a being that had been formed in the forge of Christian sacrifice. And there was also a rebel, a soul that wanted so much more than what my life offered after a close encounter with death. 

It was at this time of questioning that I encountered Mary Magdalene. This is the story, in paintings and words, of the experiences and insights of that journey.

Published July 22, 2016 at the Mary Magdalene Celebration in New York City.

Painting Mary Magdalene (Book)

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    Tanya Torres  
    Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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