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Traje de Novia 


My wedding dress, wire hanger, stuffed heart, dolls painted with house paint, fake flowers. Exhibited at Gutibirí Gallery in Puerto Rico, Espacio Abierto Gallery in Havana and Andrew Freedman Home in New York.


49 digital images, printed 4” x 6”, 2014.


Oracles have been a means to foretell the future throughout human history. By creating her own oracle, the artist becomes the oracle and art becomes the voice of the Divine.


Oracle is a series of 49 cards inspired on words collected by the artist to construct the image/identity she chooses to reflect to the world. Going beyond identity as national identification, gender, class or other means of labeling humans, she seeks to create identity through a direct connection to the human soul. Each word-image was constructed with ideas that the artist relates to the specific word for the card, using Google as her own oracle, and transforming the images to create a visual composition in an automatic, sub-conscious process. 


Batle Body/
Cuerpo de batalla


This exhibition traveled to Puerto Rico (Porta Coeli Museum and Fosilarte Gallery) and Dominican Republic (Museum of the Dominican Family of the 19th Century) and was exhibited throughhout New York City as a book, projection of images and framed prints depending on the specific site.

Tanya Torres  
Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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