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Testimonials: Originals and Commissions


Social Worker 

Mary Magdalene of the Burning heart, original painting by Tanya Torres, is in the center of my living room. She is the main attraction when you come into my living room space. I buy her flowers every week, different colors, depending on how I feel or how I was inspired... And when you sit on my sofa, you have to greet her, even just with your eyes, because you are presented with her colors, so vivid and with so much passion, that there is no one who can resist her beauty. I invited her into my new home since Tanya was starting to paint it, and I fell in love with its beauty and colors.


One day I decided to do everything possible to bring it to my new apartment, where I am starting a new life, after a storm.The Mary Magdalene of the Burning Heart reminds me that I too carry love in my heart, that I am alive and full of passion for life and beautiful things.  When i am alone I look at it and I am in it, i am her, and that's why I love it.


Thanks Tanya for your inspiration to paint the love, light, passion and wisdom that emanates from our hearts.

Yi-Chun Tricia Lin 

College Professor

The Blue Hair arrived in the Elm City yesterday! Thank you so much!! I loved the blessing of the la-mariposa-y-la-flor on the box, and loved even more the big heart behind the art, the card, and the package. Thank you, and thank you! I cannot wait to have her, the Blue Hair, on the wall with all amazing women and girls in this space of mine that inspire me every day... and now I am already dreaming of a bathroom redone with your art sometime in the (hopefully very near) future!



She came today and she is PERFECT !!! So powerful. Thank you! Now I can keep her sweet and courageous face close to me. May the Magdalene bless you and fill you with strength & peace.


Web Designer


I am very happy to tell you that my beautiful Mary Magdalene of Leaves arrived today! The painting came very well packed, not a scratch, not even on the box. 


I cannot find words to express my gratitude. I am enjoying being around Her. Tanya, You touched my soul.


She is absolutely gourgeous and She is Glowing!!!!! It is impossible to see on pictures how beautiful and vibrant the painting is.

I want to Thank you so much for being so inspired and creating such a magic. It truly changes the world!

And also, thank you for postcards, a cute pendant and your kind message. I have a great time this evening!!!
... I am sending you my big smile :)))))))

and love, love, love,

The comments above were sent after each woman received her painting. Michelle and Maryna had never met me in person at the time they reserved their pieces, but they trusted me in the process of buying a painting over the Internet. I am deeply honored and grateful for their trust, and happy and relieved that they liked their pieces once they received them. Had they not liked them, I would have refunded the full price of the piece if they returned it. That is my promise to them, and to you.

Buying art: When you decide to buy a work of art, ask yourself how does it moves you, how does it make you feel, what makes you connect with the artwork. Don't buy art for its future price, but do make sure the artist is serious and committed to a life-long art practice, for it might well turn into a growing treasure. Don't buy art to please anyone but your soul, but consider how it will impact your loved ones. Buy art to give yourself a gift of connection with the truth in your own heart, because that is the only truly good reason to buy a work of art.

Buying art is a little like having a baby. It is a commitment to caring for something precious, and unique. It is a little like adopting a pet, love at first sight that grows and evolves. Your children will grow with it, and it will be part of your family.

Take your time, don't rush, do it only if your heart approves.

This interview, mostly intended to help other artists, might be useful to find out more about how I work with collectors and commissions: Selling Art.

How to buy my art:
Originals: Is there a piece you see here, in my blog or Facebook page that you would like to know more about? Email me with any questions you may have. I offer payment plans if you are interested in one of my originals. We agree on a monthly payment, and I reserve the piece for you until you pay for it in full. I then ship it to you. 

Commissions: I meditate on your idea for a commission and if it comes out naturally, I give you details and a design for your approval. It often takes me a long time to get to this point. After that, it goes faster! I will then give you a price and a time frame, and will complete the piece. You can have a payment plan, too.
Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, return it. I will return your payment in full, excluding shipping (and materials-commissions only.) 
  • How is the artwork shipped? The art is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I package it with great care to ensure it arrives in perfect shape. I also insure it.
  • Will it come framed? The artwork usually does not come frame, but I paint on gallery wrapped canvases. The sides are painted or finished so that on frame is necessary, unless you wish to have one. I can suggest a frame or service if you would like.
  • How soon will I receive it? Priority Mail in the US takes about 2-3 days. We can discuss international shipping prior to a purchase.
  • What are the shipping costs? Shipping costs in the U.S.A. are paid by the artist. Return costs are paid by the customer. I chage an additional fee for International shipping.
  • Is the work insured? What do I do in case of damage? Yes. You can contact me so I can make a claim. 
  • Do you have a guarantee or return policy? Yes, see above. Your money is returned when you return the artwork.
  • Does the item come with a Certificate of Authenticity? If you wish, I can produce one for you. An original is signed and unique, so usually a Certificate of Authenticity is not necessary. But I can include one.  
  • How is it maintained or cleaned? Oil and acrylic paint are very durable. You may dust a painting with a very soft brush to remove any dust particles. If there is a more serious problem, you can email me and I will do my best to help you.

Tanya Torres  
Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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