Goddesses, Muses and Angels

These images are meant to evoke feelings of love, peace and joy in our lives. They are sigils that I create with the intention of these feelings in our world. Prints and Greeting Cards are available in my Etsy Shops, Art by Tanya Torres and Yellow Butterfly Shop

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Tanya Torres  

Art for Love, Peace and Joy

© Copyright Tanya Torres
The Great History's Goddess

This painting was inspired by my country, the Island of Puerto Rico, and the bountiful flora that grows uninhibited and green. I titled it The Great History's Goddess, in honor of my son, who invented this goddess when he was very young, in great part as a joke. We invoked her many times and she now lives in El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico, holding the future close to her heart while dealing with the past. Collection of Elisa Evora.