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La Magdalena by Minerva González

La Magdalena by Minerva Gonzalez
La Magdalena by Minerva Gonzalez, mixed media, 14" x 18", 2023.

Minerva González interprets a traditional Mary Magdalene in unusual materials.

In the artists own words: "Mary Magdalene was a faithful follower of the great teacher Jesus.

He frees her from 7 demons and her love for him was so great that she spared no money, time, possessions, or anything else to serve him. She was the first to see the risen Christ."

The Magdalene holds the cross, smiling knowingly and peacefully. She moves us to join her in her meditation.

Minerva has been a part of the Mary Magdalene Celebration for many years and is one of the Madrinas Emeriti that support and help make the celebration happen.

About the Artist

Minerva González Suvidad is a visual artist, businesswoman, educator, and cultural promoter in Puerto Rico and New York. Before her arrival in New York in 1987, she dedicated herself in Puerto Rico to handmade jewelry and floral designs, for which she became an artisan affiliated with the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. She was a co-founder of Galería Campeche in Old San Juan (1973-75). Minerva taught art in the public schools of El Barrio, New York City. She is co-founder of the group 7 Women in Movement and is currently part of the collective of the Rafael Tufiño workshop in El Barrio.


This artwork is part of the collective art exhibition dedicated to Mary Magdalene titled Blossoming, July 18-22 in El Barrio Art Space Art Gallery, with a reception on July 22, 2023, during The Mary Magdalene Celebration. This exhibition is possible thanks to La Casa de La Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña, Inc.


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