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Friendship Is An Earthly Matter by Yarisa Colón Torres

Yarisa Colon Torres' arcane verses, a fragment of the poem titled "Friendship Is An Earthly Matter," guide us on a meditation that observes and recognizes an invisible company along the chosen path. With threads and paper, color and texture, Yarisa welcomes the viewer into her perception:

It seems as a minuscule universe

within the eyelid

that does not abandon

In her own words, the artist shares:

"In this handmade creation I combine collage and poetry to honor the gifts of friendship, for our dreams are held, protected, and nourished thanks to this “earthly matter”. In this way, I also cherish the opportunity to reunite with fellow artists, poets, and artisans at this year’s Mary Magdalene Celebration."


La amistad es un asunto de la tierra

que parece un minúsculo universo

en el párpado que no nos desampara.


Friendship is an earthly matter

that resembles a minuscule universe

on the eyelid that does not abandons us. 


This poem/artwork is part of the collective art exhibition dedicated to Mary Magdalene titled Blossoming, July 18-22 in El Barrio Art Space Art Gallery, with a reception on July 22, 2023, during The Mary Magdalene Celebration. This exhibition is possible thanks to La Casa de La Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña, Inc.


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