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Dancer Angie Flanagan Joins The Mary Magdalene Celebration


This is the title of the piece that dancer and artist Angie Flanagan will be presenting during The Mary Magdalene Celebration as one of this year's special guests. Angie will be joining the performances as well as the art exhibition that will be on view on July 18-22 at EL Barrio's Art Space and during The Mary Magdalene Celebration.

About the dance piece she will present during The Mary Magdalene Celebration, Angie shares:

"Like the Song of Songs, Time can be read as a love letter from a woman to a man or an allegory of spiritual love between Christ and his bride. I think of Mary Magdalene as both a woman with a woman’s needs and the vessel of the goddess or the feminine voice of God. I am also a woman and a vessel of the goddess. As is every woman. As is every human being. Time is my poem and my dance of desire, both physical and spiritual. I hope in giving a voice to my own experience, I have given a voice to Mary and what must have been her wish that more time had been given to the love that inspired her. This is how I understand her best."

Angie works in Paris, but has been teaching and choreographing across the United States for 20 years. In 2020, she earned her diploma (the DE) to teach ballet and contemporary dance in France.

Angie is interested in the connection between movement and language, and in April 2024, she will attend the choreographic residency at Lake Studios, Berlin Germany, where she looks forward to investigating her interest with an international group of performing artists.

Angie is also a visual artist and will be exhibiting a photograph titled Beloved. Her artwork has been shown at Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX, East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, HI, Gualala Arts, Gualala, CA and Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, FL.

Angie Flanagan also writes poetry in English and French and loves discovering new stories.

Her presence in the Mary Magdalene Celebration this year will add a new layer of meaning and beauty to our celebration!

The Mary Magdalene Celebration takes place live and in Zoom:


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