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Beautiful Postcard for Mary Magdalene of Her Feast Day

My friend Judith from Catalonia and her friends created a beautiful collection of messages for Mary Magdalene. It's in French and I don't understand everything, but we could all still can feel the beautiful messages, music and feelings.

El Prat de Llobregat, July 22, 2022

Dear Tanya,

Today the Feast of our BLESSED Mary Magdalene is celebrated throughout the world. Many of us united around this celebration that you did almost a week ago now.

May the postcard for our dear MAAM-MARA cheer and fortify all our hearts.

For now the postcard is in French in the hope of having the Spanish version soon.

HAPPY Celebration dear friend of María Magdalena 2022!


PS: do not hesitate to share the postcard to all those people you feel. Thank you so much for this sisterly friendship, Tanya.


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