Mary Magdalene's Lessons: Surrender

Surrender, by Tanya torres

(Artwork: Surrender by Tanya Torres, Oil on Canvas Board, 11" x 14", 2007)

In the process of painting Mary Magdalene, I encountered many different ideas and wisdom that informed the way I see the world today. I feel that she guided me to read, learn, feel, and write.

In the past few years, I wrote a website in Spanish for in which I had the opportunity to think and express these ideas.

One of the most inspiring books I read during this time was The Meaning of Mary Magdalene by Cynthia Bourgeault, which inspired me to read the author's other books. These and many others helped me form the following thoughts about the first step in living a miraculous life: Surrender. I had painted the image that illustrates this post, also titled Surrender, some years before, in a moment of inspiration. Here are the thoughts that followed:

In her book The Wisdom Way of Knowing, Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart, Cynthia Bourgeault identifies four essential ingredients for the transformation of human beings: surrender, detachment, compassion and forgiveness.

Surrender is the first step in the road to the integration of the spiritual and material life in order to unify the two.

Surrender is part of the teachings of most religions and spiritual paths. For example, when the verse in the Lord's Prayer "Thy will be done" is recited, it is a form of surrender. However, not everyone understands this phrase in the same way.