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Magdalene Carvings by Marta and Bárbara

I have been working consistently —a little at a time— to make the Mary Magdalene Celebration 2016 great. It has been a work in progress, growing and expanding every day.

When the news was published this month that the Pope declared Mary Magdalene's Day a Feast Day, it was even more confirmation that the love for the Magdalene is growing more and more, and that her presence is transforming people's hearts and minds every day! Here are the official announcements:

And here are some pieces you might enjoy, even if you can't make it to the Celebration:

Mary Magdalenes by Marta Rodríguez Olmeda and Bárbara M. Díaz López

When I was just dreaming this year's Mary Magdalene Celebration, I was hoping Marta Rodríguez Olmeda and Bárbara M. Díaz López would be able to join. I have loved their carved saints since I first saw them! Through the years, we have been tent partners at many events, and little by little, I have enjoyed seeing them work the traditional Puerto Rican craft of saint carving. Bárbara was her apprentice at the time when I met them, but she is already carving her own saints. I have also loved listening to Marta's wisdom about her creations. One of the things I've learned is that Marta prays as she creates each piece, as is required by the tradition. They also use traditional woods from Puerto Rico. I feel very fortunate that Marta and Bárbara are joining us with their beautiful saints for the Mary Magdalene Celebration on July 22. And when I saw these, I couldn't wait to share! If you need one, let me know and I will put you in touch with these wonderful artisans. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I did when Marta shared it with me! Join the celebration at! p.s. Did you notice the heart!?

Please share!

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Thank you for your company and support. I look forward to July 22!

Tanya Torres, Artist

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