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The Mary Magdalene Celebration

I received great news today from a friend, Minerva González, who is helping me get the space for this year's Mary Magdalene Celebration. She has secured the room where it will take place! It has taken about six months to obtain it, but it seems as if it is finally a reality.

Here is the proposal for the event, which could change a little as the event takes shape. Raquel might not be able to make it, but I am already working on "plan b" for this part of the evening. If Raquel cannot be here, I will find 7 voices to sing her songs.

Please save the date if you can be in NYC on July 22! I really hope to be able to share with you this celebration!

Mary Magdalene Celebration

July 22, 2016

6-10 p.m.

Centro Cultural Julia de Burgos/Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center/Multi-Purpose Pavilion

Free admission

The Mary Magdalene Celebration is an artistic event that celebrates the character of

Mary Magdalene as a creative muse on her traditional day, July 22.

The event originally begun as a creative collaborative project by artist Tanya Torres and singer/composer Raquel Z. Rivera, and has been celebrated in different ways since 2006.

The Mary Magdalene Celebration takes the shape of a promesa in the Puerto Rican tradition,

with Raquel singing the songs of her CD Las 7 salves de la Magdalena and Tanya exhibiting

her paintings of Mary Magdalene. The event is open and free to the public, and it includes art, crafts and book exhibitions, workshops, dance performances and food donated by volunteers.

At The Mary Magdalene Celebration all forms of creativity, such as dance, music, singing and art become the offerings for the promesa.

This year, several crafters and authors will join the celebration by creating a special object

inspired by Mary Magdalene. Each artist will set up a table as an art installation.

The components of the Mary Magdalene in 2016 are:

•The Mary Magdalene Celebration Promesa

•Presentation of a book by Tanya Torres, Painting Mary Magdalene.

•Exhibition of paintings

•Installations by crafters and authors on tables

•Art workshop

•A ceremonial opening dance by Corazón Tierra, a local contemporary/healing dancer

•Singing the 7 salves songs written by Raquel Z. Rivera

•A Closing bomba dance with Alexandra, a local traditional bomba dance teacher.

Everyone will be invited to join the dance at the end of the event.

•A website (

This celebration has officially taken place two times at St. Marks Church in New York City,

El Chante Gallery in Albuquerque, and in private homes.

The project has traveled to several colleges and cultural organizations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


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