Mary Magdalene of the Bees

A drawing for a painting that will be titled Mary Magdalene of the Bees. 2015.

Many of my paintings are inspired by readings, and by documentaries about science, archaeology and history. When I encounter an idea that gives me a clear image in my mind, I paint it.

The book The Lost Gospel, which I first discovered in documentary form, gave me such an image. But before painting, I took time to read the book, write about it for my website in, Ángeles y milagros, and to let the image take shape in my mind.

It has been an unusual year for me, a year of change and of silence, and of struggle to keep up with all the things I do. Because I draw and paint the Magdalene only when I can pour the best and most pristine feelings into the work, it took a long time to finally give shape the image I wanted to paint. Finally, on Sunday, December 13, 2015, I drew the image above.

It is based on some previous ideas from other works and the research of Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson that relates Mary Magdalene to bees. (You will find the article about these ideas after these images.)

Below are several images and ideas that inform the drawing for Mary Magdalene of the Bees.