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Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Delight is inspired by our need for joy, inspiration and delight, emerging from the darkness of a Pandemic, and guided by the light of the Magdalene in our hearts.


About the Dark Magdalene Series: In April 2018, as I prepared to present an art exhibition related to the Black Virgin, the image of the Dark Magdalene emerged from my heart as I transitioned into a new stage of life. I packed my studio, moved temporarily to Puerto Rico, and, in relative isolation, painted until she began taking shape.


In this original 8" x 10" painting, the colors are dark, the background is black, matte acrylic paint, and gold outlines give shape to this interpretation of Mary Magdalene as the Dark Magdalene.


The best description I can give of the Dark Magdalene was given to me by my friend Jerry Koljeski: "The Dark Magdalene loves from the warmth and depths of her darkness, her darkness which is warm and beautiful and deep."

This 8"x 10" original painting comes framed in a gold leaf floater frame and is signed and dated.


This is the image I chose for the Mary Magdalene Celebration 2022. Here is a blog post to learn more about this painting and to join the celebration!

Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Delight

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    Tanya Torres  
    Art for Love, Peace and Joy

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